RIP Barbara Bancroft

brian mike and barbara diabetes aade philly 2013

Left to right: Brain, Me and Barbara at AADE 2013 in Philly

The world lost a really great woman today.

Barbara Bancroft was known to many people as jrtpup on TuDiabetes. Barbara has been a wonderful volunteer for TuDiabetes and the Diabetes Hands Foundation (my employer) where she was part of the admin team.  She frequently complimented me on the art and design I have done for the site (including the cartooned version of her below) and has put in countless hours helping shape the content of the TuDiabetes Community.

Yesterday she lost her battle with cancer and passed away with her family around her.  I hope she knows that hundreds of us had her in our thoughts as well.

Barbara treated me like a son, and it wasn’t until I started reading all of the messages from the grieving community members that I have realized that many people also considered their bond with Barbara to be extra special.

Go to TuDiabetes and share your memories, thoughts on Barbara’s influence.
rip barbara bancroft diabetes tudiabetese

The conversation on the TuDiabetes thread I linked to above is really positive, so I’m going to avoid posting the negative thoughts that I’m having there.  But Barbara’s passing does remind me of something that I’ve been thinking of lately and I’ll share it here.  I feel that my bullshit reward for taking care of my diabetes, in the way that Barbara so diligently took care of her diabetes, is that I will get to die the “regular” way.  And that’s not encouraging at all.

Late last year when diabetes advocate Emilio Fernandez died in a car accident I had similar feelings.  While I didn’t know Emilio in the same way that I know and love Barbara, it’s just a startling reminder that life is short and fleeting despite how well you take care of your diabetes. Living with a chronic condition is relentless, and at times like this I feel that we never really win.

Sorry for the bleak post.  Now I’m going to go celebrate the awesomeness of @jrtpup with my TuDiabetes friends.


2 thoughts on “RIP Barbara Bancroft

  1. This is extremely depressing news 😦 Barbara is the admin who approved of my request to join tudiabetes exactly 1 month ago, and was one of the first people I talked to on chat. Despite not “knowing” her for long, she was able to make impression on me. She’ll be sorely missed 😦

  2. Mike, I hear you, I have been thinking the same. Death is relentless, non-sensical and a sure thing for all of us…

    I wish somehow I could become “wiser” and “learn” to accept death as a given… after all, it is the only given thing. But, not so easy, it is so hard to accept the loss of a person you love… I am not afraid of my own death as much as that of the people I love, that is a very very selfish thing to feel…

    You might be a 100 years old, so keep it up.

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