Spare A Rose And Save A Child

Spare a rose save a child logo

In areas of the world, diabetes is still considered a death sentence.

For the cost of one rose ($5) you can give a child insulin for an entire month.  For the cost of a dozen roses, you can keep a child alive for an entire year.

With the Spare A Rose, Save A Child campaign, the diabetes online community is raising money for Life For a Child which is providing life-saving insulin to children in developing countries.  You can donate money today that will help children save alive.

So this Valentine’s day I ask you to spare a rose and save a child.  Instead of buying a dozen roses, buy 11 and donate the $5 you save to Life For A Child.

Go to to donate.  You can also download and print out cards to include with the roses that let your loved one know that you donated in their honor.


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