This is the one about ‘Strip Safely.’

blood drop painting by mike lawson with diabetesAs a person with diabetes we rely on technology to keep us alive.  Not just the tech that makes our medicine, but the tech that we rely on to decide how much insulin to dose.  At a recent public meeting the FDA acknowledged that there were some FDA cleared blood glucose meters and strips that do not meet the accuracy standards for which they were approved.


This blew my mind.  And it reminded me of a video that I made a few years ago (in my bathroom) where I test my glucose with different meters and get pretty dramatically different results:

And the fact that the reading on my left hand didn’t match my right says more about my meter and strips than my body’s asymetry.  We rely on the accuracy of test strips to say alive.  That’s why I’m joining the Strip Safely campaign and contacting the FDA and my representatives in Congress to tell them that:

  • The accuracy of test strips is a public health issue.
  • Quality assurance should be done on strips sold through normal distribution channels.
  • We need better accuracy standards than the ones created in 2003.

What are you waiting for?  The Strip Safely website has sample letters that you can use to contact your legislators too.

Strip Safely - accurate diabetes testing matters