Diabetes Meme

office baby meme diabetes

I’m slightly obsessed with the All Business Baby meme that’s been catching fire on the internet these past few days…so I thought we needed a diabetes version too.


If My Broken Pancreas Was On Social Media…

if my pancreas were on social media facebook diabetes

They just float around all day doing nothing. I would guess that the life of non-functioning pancreases is pretty easy.  I’m pretty sure that I can hear mine making un-funny jokes all the time about my other organs that are actually doing their jobs.  Busted pancreases are annoying.  Thank god mine doesn’t have internet access, because if he did…

line gray light faint foursquare diabetes social media pancreas humor

He would only check into ONE place on Foursquare

Why don’t you save the location-based apps for people that do exciting things?

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twitter account for my pancreas diabetes social media

His Twitter feed would be full of #HumbleBrags

I can think of a few things that I wish you were doing right now.  I don’t want to hear about how much you’re enjoying your life of leisure.

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songs lyrics posted on facebook diabetes pancreas

He would posts a lot of song lyrics

We might like this song, but reading it out of context and without the sweet guitar accompaniment, is just irritating.

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facebook to twitter sync is annoying

He has his Twitter Synched to Facebook

Hey @pancreas don’t you know that Facebook is different than Twitter? #duh

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tagged photo from instagram

He will tag you in photos that you aren’t in

Wait…were you wishing I was there?  Were you mistaken? Or is this just your obnoxious way of trying to make me look at your photo?

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annoying inspirational photos on facebook

The only photos he would post on Facebook are inspirational pictures he stole from someone else

He gets really inspired by hearing some worn out quote from Ghandi…fine.  But why do you have to post the images you stole from Pinterest to Facebook?

line gray light faint

diabetes jokes nobody thinks are funny

He reposts jokes that nobody thinks are funny








This is the one about Science, Diabetes and Social Media.

social media use by people with diabetes

At the ADA’s 73rd Scientific Sessions last week I came across this poster called Social Media Use by Individuals with Diabetes by University of South Florida’s College of Public Health (Emily Shaffer-Hudkins, Nicole Johnson & Stephanie Melton).

I would say that this poster fits into the “What we already know, but it’s nice to see data backing it up” category.  People surveyed found information related to “coping with diabetes” useful.  And they found supportive words/stories/comments helpful.  And the “duh” continues with the finding that over 80% of those surveyed identified as type 1s, while only 2% identified as type 2s…which is explained by the age of the survey participants (and ultimately the age of the people using social media).

The purpose of this study was to address gaps in clinical literature and to assist health professionals understand the social support need of people living with diabetes (hallelujah!).

This poster contains information that we’ve known about and have been talking about for years (that when people with chronic conditions find community online, their lives improve), but it is good to see that the psychosocial/behavioral medicine folks are catching on too.

See the poster here on the ADA’s site.

This is the one about ‘Strip Safely.’

blood drop painting by mike lawson with diabetesAs a person with diabetes we rely on technology to keep us alive.  Not just the tech that makes our medicine, but the tech that we rely on to decide how much insulin to dose.  At a recent public meeting the FDA acknowledged that there were some FDA cleared blood glucose meters and strips that do not meet the accuracy standards for which they were approved.


This blew my mind.  And it reminded me of a video that I made a few years ago (in my bathroom) where I test my glucose with different meters and get pretty dramatically different results:

And the fact that the reading on my left hand didn’t match my right says more about my meter and strips than my body’s asymetry.  We rely on the accuracy of test strips to say alive.  That’s why I’m joining the Strip Safely campaign and contacting the FDA and my representatives in Congress to tell them that:

  • The accuracy of test strips is a public health issue.
  • Quality assurance should be done on strips sold through normal distribution channels.
  • We need better accuracy standards than the ones created in 2003.

What are you waiting for?  The Strip Safely website has sample letters that you can use to contact your legislators too.

Strip Safely - accurate diabetes testing matters

This is the one about diabetes tattoos.

hello kitty tattoo type 2 diabetesWhat are the purpose of diabetes tattoos?

I’m not trying to be judgemental with this post.  I’m seriously just hoping to unpack some of my thoughts on the topic.

I have good friends (online and off) that sport cute diabetes-related tattoos and I’ve even toyed with the idea of getting one myself.  And I’ve read that there is a growing number of people who are using tattoos as a more permanent medical alert.  In fact, The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported last May that medical tattooing appears to be increasing, partly because of the cost of medical alert bracelets.

medical alert tattoo for person with diabetes diabeticBut here’s my question: Do medical responders even look for diabetes tattoos?  Is this something they are trained to do?  I have heard people say that EMTs aren’t even so good at finding medical alert jewelry when it’s worn around the neck.  I struggle to see how a tat would do the job.

As I said a few paragraphs ago, I’m not writing this to be judgemental.  I’m really just curious if anyone (any EMTs reading?) has any insight on this.

I do have opinions about people that get tattoos to mark the dates that they were diagnosed (diaversary) or just because they feel that diabetes has become a part of their character.  To them I say, “hell yea!”

I came across the tattoo below on Reddit’s diabetes sub-group and it cracked me up.

wilfred brimley tattoo diabetus diabetes diabetic

There’s certainly no argument that this tattoo doesn’t serve as a medical alert…but it’s still pretty badass.