My Diabetes Art Day Submission

Happy #DArtDay!

People all over the world are making art today to celebrate Diabetes Art Day!  The concept (brought to life by the fabulous Lee Ann Thill) is so easy.  Just make a piece of art that reflects your feelings about diabetes.  No rules beyond that.

Check out and look at the submissions of others.

Here is the art that I made (click it to enlarge it):

Mike Lawson's diabetes art day submission lee ann thill dartday

This is the one with TuD and a fundraiser.

Meet TuD:


I created TuD for The Diabetes Hands Foundation.  He is the visual representation of – which is a social network of people touched by diabetes that just turned 6 years old.

Cartoon TuD photobombs Emily and Lancet The pug

TuD Photobombs Emily and Lancet The Pug

The Diabetes Hands Foundation is an awesome nonprofit organization that (and I’m not being hyperbolic) saved my life.  In 2008 I found myself uninsured with Type 1 diabetes.  A bad mixture.  I ran to Google and typed in a series of queries that eventually led me to TuDiabetes.  The friends that I found in this community didn’t just give me advice.  They didn’t say “if I were in your situation I would…”  The people that I met were able to say “When I was in your exact situation, this is what I did.”

Diabetes can be incredibly isolating.  And when I found TuDiabetes, I realized…thanks to this pesky 6-year-old that’s running around the Diabetes Hands Foundation offices and photobombing all of our photos, I’m not alone.

To celebrate TuD’s 6th birthday we are having a fundraising campaign.  If you’re interested in donating $6 to The Diabetes Hands Foundation (or $60!) you can do so here.  With your help, The Diabetes Hands Foundation can reach more people affected by diabetes all over the world.