This is the one about TSA and medically necessary liquids.

Guy asked if he has juice boxes at TSA security screening

Sai has a neurological disorder that causes episodic muteness and muscle spasms.  His doctor has advised him to have juice when the tremors get really bad to help him stay in control.  Like a person with diabetes carrying juice boxes through security, this shouldn’t be a problem.  TSA rules allow him and people with diabetes to bring any amount of juice through a checkpoint.

Personally, I’ve never had any issues with TSA security and my diabetes supplies.  It’s a long story, but I once flew with 12 vials of insulin and wasn’t even questioned.  I have noticed, however, that the level of “concern” a TSA agent has about our supplies is a bit arbitrary.  Perhaps depending on the training of a particular airport or maybe even the mood of a particular agent.

Here’s a video explanation of a pretty unfortunate event that happened to Sai at SFO:

This could happen to me. Or any of us that travel with our diabetes supplies.  As Sai mentioned on his website, someone with no medical training should not be responsible for figuring out what is medically necessary.  He’s pursuing administrative and civil actions against the TSA, and Sai’s fight is one to keep an eye on.  The way Sai is treated could easily be you or your friends with diabetes.

If you have questions about traveling with diabetes supplies, this document from the American Diabetes Association is very thorough.