Bicycling For Better Blood Sugar

It is a new year, but that has nothing to do with my new resolutions to do better for my body.



I’m serious.  But…since you brought it up, let me tell you about my new resolutions.

Bicycling my way to better blood sugar diabetesFor starters, I bought a new (to me) bike.  It’s an old Schwinn Traveler from the late 80s.  Baby blue.  Adorable.  All fixed up and ready to ride.

I live about 2 miles from the office and have started biking into work each morning.  I haven’t noticed tons of differences in my blood sugar just yet.  But the benefits are already starting to roll in.


  • I get here faster.
  • I don’t feel tired when I get home at night.
  • I’m helping others by staying off the crowded bus/BART.
  • I feel more focused in the mornings at the office (this could also do with the standing thing I talk about below).

I’m notorious for getting really excited about new things (exercise routines, diets, reality TV shows) and then ditching them in a few weeks after the shiny outer layer is worn off.  So far, however, I’m looking at this as a new part of my lifestyle instead of a passing thing.  Ask me in a week.

standing desk setup at office diabetesI have also been getting really excited about the standing desk setup that I’ve created at work.  I read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true) that SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING.  So I threw a bookshelf on its side and now I stand all day at work.

I do sit down during my lunch break and sometimes during meetings.  I find myself zoning out significantly less than I used to when I was hunched over in my chair.  And the fatigue at the end of that day is really minimal.


  • My after-lunch slump is doesn’t bring me all the way down to near-coma levels.
  • My creativity levels are higher. I even draw while standing.
  • I can self-righteously leave the office every day feeling like I just did a workout.
  • I get more Fitbit steps in since I’m constantly dancing and walking in place.

So there are my two new lifestyle changes that I’ve made…coincidentally at the beginning of this new year.  My birthday is in March; check back then to see if I’m still with it.